Spring Term 2017 at LCNDA

Spring 2018 LCN Dance Academy – Schedule 6th Jan 2018

Saturday 10-11am                      Tap & Ballet Pre-Primary under 6yrs

Saturday 11-12am                      MT Musical Theatre all ages

Saturday 12-1pm                        Tap & Ballet 6yrs+

Spring term term 2018 – Saturdays: 10 Weeks #Whittlesford#                                               Jan 6th 13th 20th 27th Feb 3rd HT HT 24th Mar 3rd 10th 17th 24th

Pointework is cancelled with immediate effect 12/10/2017

Welcome to Autumn Term 2017.

I am delighted to announce the addition of RAD Silver Swans ballet classes at LCN Dance Academy in Quy Village Hall at 10am on Tuesdays. We are now accepting rolling applications for a September+ 2017 start. Please email for more details.

Following our final company classes on Saturday 22nd of July ‘17 we look forward to inviting a new group of young children to come and join the LCN family in September in the Global Family Dance sessions at 1pm, the Intro to Ballet class at 9.30am and new children of all ages into the Musical Theatre course at noon.

Timings were shuffled last term to provide a framework within which the school might grow and look to have been successful for most attendees. This term the timings are being held as they are and pupils will have their new slots allocated at the end of December following the Exam session with Mrs Cooke on the 3rd Dec 2017. Additional genres were provided and proved a great hit, with excited chatter and learning extending right through to home and family life with reports of animated discussions and improved interest in music, history and other related subjects. These classes are accessible to all ages/stages and will concentrate on essential technique, deportment and multi-level training. They will be open to newcomers or returners and the direction and objectives of class will be tailored to those who enrol.

Younger children have been prioritised to an early morning slot. Please do support your school by spreading the word to interested parties. Any new clients that sign up and pay in full on your direct recommendation will allow you a £10 reduction, applicable to your following term’s fees. Please ask your colleagues to clearly state your name in the ‘where you heard about us section’ on the application form. If you would like to become a liaison point of contact for your Primary or Secondary School please request this clearly on your registration form. Priority for this opportunity will be given to current clients on a first come first serve basis.

Autumn Term 2017 – Saturdays: 12 Weeks   # Whittlesford #

  • Sept 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Oct 7th, 14th, HT, HT Nov 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, Dec 2nd, 9th.
  • Sept 9th  Team Astaire start date for WoWo children
  • Sept 16th  Team Kelly start date for  WoWo children

Autumn Term 2017 – Tuesdays: 12 Weeks   # Whittlesford #

  • Sept 12th, 19th, 26th,    Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, HT, 31st,  Nov 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, Dec 5th,

Autumn Term 2017 – Wednesdays: 12 Weeks    # Stow cum Quy #

  • Sep 13th, 20th, 27th, Oct 4rd, 11th, 18th, HT X Nov 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, Dec 6th,13th, 20th,

(The hall was unavailable one weekend on Saturday so was a 10wk term only in Summer term 17)


  • Saturday  9.00-10.00am <Nursery, starting Jan ’18> Tap & Intro Ballet (GPS)
  • Saturday 10.00-11.00am Tap & Ballet Pre-Primary (GPP)
  • Saturday 11.00-12.00am MT Musical Theatre, Modern & Jazz (MTMJ) * Suitable
  • Saturday 12.00-13.00pm Tap & Ballet Primary (GP)
  • Saturday 13.00-13.30pm Family Global Dance (FGD) * Suitable for DofE Awards
  • Saturday 13.30-14.30pm Tap & Ballet G1 G2 G3 (G123)

Stow Cum Quy

  • Tuesday 10.00-10.45 RAD Silver Swan Ballet Pilot Program 55yrs+ (RADSS) Begs


  • Tuesday 17.30-18.15pm Tap G6 (TG6) bbodance student membership required
  • Tuesday 18.15-19.00pm Ballet G6 (BG6) bbodance student membership required
  • Tuesday 19.00-19.30pm Pointe and Demi-Prep (PDP)
  • Tuesday 19.30-20.15pm Ballet G4 (BG4) and intensive adult ballet inter (IABI)
  • Tuesday 20.15-21.00pm Tap G4 (TG4)

Stow Cum Quy (30 min Walk from BVC)

  • Wednesday 15.00 – 16.00 Nursery Dance Wed or Fri (ND)
  • Wednesday 16.00 – 16.30 Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre Wed or Fri (CBMT)
  • Wednes/Fri 16.30 – 18.00 Intensive Classical Ballet for 11yrs+ Wed and/or Fri (ICB)
  • Wednesday 20.00 – 20.45 Global Dance Adults Stow cum Quy (GD)Suitable for DofE

Please note that all Early Bird Fees are due by bank transfer by the 22 of July 2017. The cut off deadline for these payments will be 23.59 on Saturday 19th August 2017.

Standard Fees are due by bank transfer by Sunday 20th of August 2017. The cut off deadline for these payments will be 23.59 on Saturday 16th Sept 2017. After this date you will be removed from the register but fees will still be applied as per the agreed One term’s notice clause in your agreement. To re-register with the school a £30 membership fee will be applied.  If there is a valid reason for late payment or you believe there to be a pre-arranged agreement in place please email lisaucan@msn.com with details as soon as you can.

Outstanding Fees are due by bank transfer at your earliest convenience.

All payments to: Ms L C Nixon HSBC 40-05-18 92044277 please

  • Saturday Ballet & Tap Classes Ref: WHBATASE17******SAG*
  • Saturday Global Family Dance Classes Ref: WHGLOBSE17******SAG*
  • Tuesday am RAD Silver Swan Ballet Ref: QURADSSE17******TUG*
  • Tuesday Ballet & Tap Classes Ref: WHBATASE17******TUG*
  • Wednesday Ballet & Musical Theatre Classes Ref: QUBATASE17******WEG*
  • Wednesday Global Dance Classes Ref: QUGLOBSE17******WE80

Using the code is not essential but without it your payment may prove to be untraceable (****** please insert 1st 3 letters of your child’s name and 1st 3 letters of your name and the number of the grade you expect to be in as the final digit OR for Adults the first 3 letters of your first name followed by the first 3 letters of your surname.)

Prices for the Autumn Term are as follows.

  • Entry Level classes, #Nursery Classes (Starting Jan 2018)
  • Early Bird Payment £88 for 10 weeks or £110 for 12 weeks
  • #Intro to ballet exam class candidates and attendees have prices held til Dec 17
  • #Intro to Ballet, #Pre-Primary, #Primary, #M Theatre  (2x30min)
  • Early Bird Payment £100 for 10 weeks or £120 for 12 weeks
  • Standard Payment £110 for 10 weeks or £130 for 12 weeks
  • Level 1 classes  #Grade 1, #Grade 2, #Grade 3,  (2x30min)
  • Early Bird Payment £180 for 10 weeks or £216 for 12 weeks
  • Standard Payment £190 for 10 weeks or £226 for 12 weeks
  • Level 2 classes  #Grade 4, #Grade 5,  (2 x 45min)
  • Early Bird Payment £180 for 10 weeks or £216 for 12 weeks
  • Standard Payment £190 for 10 weeks or £226 for 12 weeks
  • Level 3 classes  #Grade 6 (IF), #Grade 7 (I), #Grade 8,  (2 x 45min)
  • Early Bird Payment £200 for 10 weeks or £240 for 12 weeks
  • Standard Payment £210 for 10 weeks or £250 for 12 weeks
  • Level 3 classes  #Demi-Pointe #Point Prep class (1 x 30 min)
  • Early Bird Payment Please add £70 for 10 weeks or £84 for 12 weeks
  • Standard Payment Please add £80 for 10 weeks or £94 for 12 weeks
  • Global Family Dance 30 minute session Whittlesford Memorial Hall, Sat 1.30
  • Global Dance Stow cum Quy Village Hall, Wed 20-20.45
  • £80 per term Early Bird Returners £60 per term (includes up to 2 children) Parents assume ALL responsibility for their child during class.
  • RAD Silver Swan Ballet 55yrs+ Stow cum Quy Village Hall, Tue 10-10.45
  • £80 per term. Early Bird Returners £60 per term.

All new (non-adult) clients are required to pay a one off registration fee of £30.

From September 2017 LCN Dance Academy reserves the right to suspend those classes which carry less than 6 pupils if deemed necessary. Pupils will be offered an alternative class until numbers prove sufficient to run.

Please e-mail to book your space on a free Defibrillator training session for LCN pupils, students and parents at Whittlesford Memorial Hall, JULY 17 ’17 7.30pm

The Stow cum Quy Music Night on the 29th April 2017 went with a real swing! It featured 5 live acts who all gave their time generously raising £620 for Parkinson’s UK. Our next Music Night will be on Saturday Sept 23rd 2017 and there are limited spaces for LCN Dance Academy members to perform their set dances. If you would like to perform on the next Music Night or the following one at the end of April 2018 please let us know by e-mail. These evenings are in memory of my mother who sadly passed away in January 2017 but was fortunate enough to be able to fulfil her final wishes of brain donation to the Parkinson’s Brain Bank at Imperial College. Her contribution is said to benefit up to 50 research projects. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to help fund research in this area by performing or donating or have any other questions about this difficult subject.

All that is left is to wish you a very happy, and probably hot, summer! See you in September.

Ms Lisa Nixon RT-bbodance

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