January Term 2018

Welcome to January Term 2018

We are delighted to support William Westley School by offering ONE TERM OF FREE TUITION IN A CLASS OF THEIR CHOICE as a prize for their school fair raffle on the 9th Dec 2017. I look forward to meeting prospective children and parents at the fair and explaining the benefits of joining a structured and fun class which will offer discipline, friendship and window into a life long appreciation of art and science.

We look forward to inviting a new group of young children to come and join the LCN family in January in the Intro to Ballet class at 10.00am and new children of all ages into the Musical Theatre course at 11am (same as last term) and ballet & tap for 7yrs+ at noon

Timings were shuffled last term to provide a framework within which the school might grow and look to have been successful for most attendees. This term the timings of the classes above have being held as they are and pupils will have their new slots have been allocated following the Exam session with Ms Corbishley and Ms Cooke on the 3rd Dec 2017. Additional genres were provided and proved a great hit, with excited chatter and learning extending right through to home and family life with reports of animated discussions and improved interest in music, history and other related subjects. These classes are accessible to all ages/stages and will concentrate on essential technique, deportment and multi-level training. They will be open to newcomers or returners and the direction and objectives of class will be tailored to those who enrol.

Younger children have been prioritised to an early morning slot. Please do support your school by spreading the word to interested parties. Any new clients that sign up and pay in full on your direct recommendation will allow you a £10 reduction, applicable to your following term’s fees. Please ask your colleagues to clearly state your name in the ‘where you heard about us section’ on the application form. If you would like to become a liaison point of contact for your Primary or Secondary School please request this clearly on your registration form. Priority for this opportunity will be given to current clients on a first come first serve basis.



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